Manual Lymphatic drainage techniques for the Upper Body.

The Lauren Berry Method®

Addressing the Muscular and Hydraulic components.

October 4th in Verona, VA

Consider these thoughts and opinions...

  • The body is approximately 70% fluid.
  • Each and every cell in the body is 'wet'.
  • This fluid system is in constant circulation, delivering nutrition and carrying away waste.
  • This 'waste' is primarily filtered through the Lymphatic system.
  • The primary location for recycling the lymph is in the abdomen.

Part of Lauren's work focuses on visceral work (massage for the organs) to maintain the recycling and digestive process. Its useful to perceive the body as a fluid system. When one manually addresses the body as a fluid system, hydraulic principles become applicable, the results can be quite dramatic.

Muscle Management® is offering a 6 hr advanced bodywork/massage class focusing on The Berry Method® approach to Upper Body Lymphatics. These procedures respect and respond to the hydraulic and structural components within the Lymphatic system and can aid in reducing the symptoms of colds, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, altitude sickness and pneumonia. The healthy functioning of the lymphatic system is vital to the body's ability to function at peak performance and continue its ongoing maintenance and repair requirements. The lymphatic system plays an important role in moving fluids, regenerating tissue, filtering out toxins and aids the body in maintaining a healthy immune system. When lymph circulation is compromised, toxins accumulate and cellular functioning is diminished. This can often be a major component within many physical ailments.

Techniques associated with healthy lymphatic flow will be presented that include:

  • opening the primary drains

  • manually stimulating the visceral components

  • accessing and encouraging the bodies' repair mechanisms

  • recognizing adaptive compensation

  • passive and active stretching techniques

Upper Body Lymphatic's 6 contact hr / .6 CEU Category 'A' class
October 4th, 2010

Verona, VA

$175....$145 if registered before September 20th.

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Full tuition: $175


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FYI: Breast Drain.

Included in the class will be a procedure to share with your clients for self care.


One of Lauren Berry's additional contributions to manual therapy was in recognizing the importance of the hydraulic properties of the Lymphatic system throughout the body and the relationship to the bodies structural influences. Through recognizing, respecting and responding to this well-designed organization,therapists can often aid in restoring health and reducing tensions rather quickly.

These techniques can additionally be effective for...

  • reducing edema and local swelling

  • stimulating a sluggish immune system

  • supporting immunity

  • enhancing skin health

  • inducing deep relaxation

  • decreasing scar tissue adhesions


The following heartwarming story was shared with Taum after Chris completed the one day class on ‘Upper Body Lymphatics’ in Winston/Salem, NC.


His parents, Joanna and Adam, brought two-year old Jacob to me. Recent success with Jacob’s grandfather, Bugs, led the grandparents to recommend message therapy for Jacob’s respiratory problems.
The late Roger Bliss had introduced me to the Lauren Berry Method of Message Therapy. After Roger’s death, Taum Sayers traveled from Truckee, California to North Carolina periodically to see Roger’s clients and teach classes. I had recently completed the lymphatic class under Taum, and Mary, Jacob’s grandmother, hoped that something could be done to help her grandson.
Jacob, diagnosed with suspected Cystic Fibrosis, had been hospitalized seven times for pneumonia in his brief two years. His blood oxygen levels were so low that, when he slept, his lips would turn blue, making his mother constantly fearful. He had very little appetite. The local hospital had sent Jacob home and advised Joanna that there was little more that could be done to alleviate Jacob’s condition.
Making no promises, I agreed to work on Jacob. I did a lymphatic chest drain and messaged his back to widen the spaces between his ribs – intending to increase his lung capacity. During the procedure, his lips turned pink and his breathing became noticeably easier. He went home, ate three hot dogs and, according to his grandmother, still has good color. She reported that he hasn’t had a sniffle in the two months since treatment.
At the time, I was dismayed that Jacob cried loudly during the treatment. In retrospect, his crying probably helped open his lungs and assisted in the healing process.
Only one treatment was needed to increase Jacob’s oxygen intake and to alleviate the constant fear of his parents.

Christopher Ingalls


"Taum Sayers is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider.
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