balanceAfter your session

DO: Walk! Walk….Walk each day.

Walking is an important component. It continues the work we’ve done and encourages the important rebalancing process to solidify and complete itself. Walking enables the process to integrate and stimulate the multifaceted core components contributing to reducing pain throughout your body.

It is common to be sore for a few days following a session. Consider…we stretched muscles that have been out of balance, similar to initially engaging in a new physical activity. Normally any soreness will work itself out as you walk. However, use common sense. If your pain increases or things don’t feel right, stop walking and call me.

Take hot baths or use a hot tub - but do not put jets on any area worked on. The hot tub will help relieve some of the soreness.

I highly recommend visiting and practicing the stretches within the “Core Balance stretching” section within Taum's self-help section.

The integration process can be encouraged by:

  • NOT lifting anything heavy - no trash, kids, etc.
  • NOT lifting and twisting...nose and toes in the same direction.
  • NOT sitting for long periods of time. After 20 minutes get up and walk around a little. This includes driving! Stop and walk, it is better to stand, walk, or lie down than it is to SIT!
  • NOT sleeping on your stomach.
  • NOT doing repetitious twisting, for example, vacuuming, digging, scrubbing or strenuous exercises (this includes stretching other than instructed).
  • NOT holding the phone with your neck and head to one side for any length of time….use speaker or headset.
  • NOT allowing yourself to get chilled (tightens the muscles).
  • Use a light fanny pack instead of a purse - get rid of fat wallets.

It normally takes 24 to 48 hours minimally, sometimes as much as a week for the body to regain its balance and the soreness to work itself out. An unbalanced core didn’t happen to you overnight and it will take some time to correct it. Take responsibility for yourself and follow the instructions. Did I mention walking?


My work usually takes a minimum of two appointments. However, if your situation is severe and/or long-standing, it may require a series of treatments, for example, 4 to 6 sessions in order for the body to hold core balance.

Call/text me if you have any concerns.

My website has a self-help section.

I highly recommend visiting and practicing the stretches within the “Core Balance stretching” section within Taum's self-help section.




Understanding your session

 A brief overview of my work:

   The foundation for my practice is an eclectic system of massage techniques created and taught to me (as an apprentice) by the late Lauren Berry, RPT, and Structural Engineer.

   The Lauren Berry Method® of Corrective Massage recognizes that every individual component in the body is essential and has an optimum natural position and relationship to all of the 'parts' of body. These relationships can be disrupted and knocked 'out-of-balance' via trauma, adaptation, compensation, etc.

    These unique manual therapy procedures address the role of soft tissue distortions and 'corrects' the protective adaptations that are a component in almost all pain and functional problems.

One of the basic premises within this amazingly effective approach is found in respecting and re-establishing the body’s ability to maintain 'Homeostasis'.

   Corrective work throughout the body has an enhanced opportunity to be effective and long lasting when core musculature is in a balanced state.

   As a result, following a session that encourages the core musculature towards holding a balanced state, other areas of the body will begin to adapt.

This can create soreness during the adaptation process.



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