Balancing the Core

Muscle Management® for Balancing the Core.
Core balance affects everything.
This is important.
 core balance

This class is for therapists seeking effective massage techniques to further enhance their knowledge and confidence for reducing pain and dysfunction throughout the body.

The foundation of this work comes from Taum's studies with Lauren Berry.

The Lauren Berry Method® of Corrective Massage is an amazingly efficient, effective, and practical approach to supporting the body's ability to heal itself. This work is so effective that Lauren would remind us rookies that we don't heal anyone. The body heals itself.

This 2-day NCBTMB-approved 13 CE class focuses on reducing the soft tissue tensions and imbalances that are primary components in the body's ongoing musculoskeletal balancing relationship with itself and gravity.
AKA: musculoskeletal Homeostasis.
Our body's nervous system constantly monitors our relationship with gravity and responds via our muscular system. The adaptation process is negatively influenced if core muscles are in a state of tension and imbalance.

Homeostasis and Balance:

How does the muscular system

Musculoskeltal Balance

Example of core imbalance: Scoliosis.


Get ready to explore the workings of the bodies core....

Consider the important role muscles play in situations throughout the body... that according to our own CDC, more visits to physicians’ offices were made for musculoskeletal conditions than for any other reason.

Take that a step further: Hip pain is often associated with an unbalanced thoracic region.

Expected outcomes for participants include:
  • A deeper understanding and appreciation for 'Muscular-Homeostasis'.

  • A better understanding of The Berry Method® of Corrective Massage and its principles of associating anatomy with the principles of structural engineering.

  • Enhancement of skills in recognizing and understanding the core issues influencing clients concerns throughout their body.

  • Adding and understanding core stretches to your ‘tactile toolbox'.

  • Enrichment of proficiency in the application of massage techniques for correcting soft tissue dysfunction to encourage restoration of pain-free function in joint movement.

  • Ability to demonstrate advanced corrective massage techniques on the core region using accurate contact, depth, and direction.

and... New tools for your 'tactile toolbox.'