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The Lauren Berry Method® of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.


Muscle Management® for Balancing the Core.




Plantar Fasciitis


Why is this 'Corrective Massage' approach so efficient and effective?

Lymphatic Testimonials.

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  • Our body is continuously managing its state of structural and hydraulic balance. The medical term for this is 'Homeostasis,' from the Greek words for "same" and "steady." Homeostasis refers to any process that living things use to maintain relatively stable conditions necessary for health.
  • When our body is in balance, our body's built-in repair mechanisms can function without nagging background tensions.
  • When our body is out of balance, our nervous system works overtime to recover balance. This ongoing reactive process produces adaptive tensions that waste our natural well-being resources.
  • Researching Homeostasis' at Google Scholar reveals the multitude of levels and ongoing processes the body requires to maintain balance... and survive.
  • This unique approach works with those ongoing processes by recognizing and respecting its built-in intelligent design.

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Online learning opportunity:

  • Practice on yourself to learn the 'feel' while you add knowledge to your 'self-help toolbox.'

Plantar Fasciitis and the Tibialis Posterior muscle.




"Focus only on the problem; you might miss the solution." TS

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You can feel tension near a client's painful area,
how do you utilize that information?
What does that tension reveal? muscle to bone


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