Muscle Management® for The Lower Leg, Ankle, Foot, and Toes.

This class integrates 40+ years of practicing, studying, and teaching
The Lauren Berry Method® of Corrective Massage.

NCBTMB  approved for 18 CEU's.

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Within this class, the clay building procedure is an integral component in the 'tactile' learning process. To earn and receive CEU's, you will be building a clay model of the lower leg, ankle, foot, and toes.





As you build your clay model, you will be guided you through the process, which includes forming the bones, interosseous membrane, ligaments, retinacula, and muscles. As you assemble each component into your model, an appropriate video of the corrective technique for that component will follow. This enhances and refines your ability to palpate specific tissue and perform the corrective techniques.

For example, after you have layered on your Flexor Hallicus Longus, a short video will guide you through the corrective technique as you apply the technique to your own Flexor Hallicus Longus.


Flexor Hallucis Longus


ORIGIN: Distal 2/3 of the posterior surface of fibula, interosseous membrane, adjacent intermuscular septa, and fascia.

INSERTION: Plantar surface of the base of distal phalanx of big toe.

ACTION: Flexes big toe, contributes to plantar-flexion/inversion of the foot at the ankle, and to ankle stabilization.

adding Flexor_Hallucis_Longus_clay       Flexor_Hallicus_Longus_corrective_technique




Kellie's story

Kellie'Hope for chronic pain.'



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  correcting_muscle_distortion_overview      Medial_stretch_and_mobilize_technique  


Expected learning outcomes and goals:

A better understanding of The Berry Method® of Corrective Massage and the association of anatomy with the principles of Structural Engineering....function and longevity.

Enhanced ability to locate and palpate specific soft tissue with precision.

 Increased skills for recognizing and understanding via visual - palpation assessment and client description of concerns, the soft tissue imbalances within the regional soft tissues and their involvement in pain.

 Enrichment of skills in the application of massage techniques for correcting soft tissue dysfunction to encourage the restoration of pain-free ROM and function in the lower leg, ankle, foot, and toe region.

Participants will be able to demonstrate advanced corrective massage techniques using specific contact, depth, and direction.


 Expanding your knowledge
18 NCBTMB approved CEU's. 


Two prerequisites for earning 18 CEU's include:

1) Submit pictures of your completed clay model that includes anterior, medial, lateral, and posterior views.


2) Passing an exam with a 70% or higher score and completing a short evaluation form.

3 views ankle

How many times have we all taken a class, only to find a few days later the information is not so clear.
One of the comments I hear from students that have taken classes 10-15 yrs ago:
"Thank you for your teaching style... I continue to remember and use the techniques with confidence."
Consider the incredible learning value of being able to return to watch the technique demonstration and being guided while you practice on yourself to refine your tactile pressure, location, and technique.

Your investment grants you 90 days' access to the class.

Below you will find samples of what is included...the class contains over 50 short videos (most are 2 to 5 minutes).

I've used primarily videos for a number of reasons, mostly that videos allow ideas and concepts to be more clearly conferred outside of a live classroom.

Each is intended to guide you through understanding and then implementing efficient and effective techniques to successfully "Re-balance" the muscular and soft tissue components in the toes, foot, ankle, and lower leg.

With knowledge and understanding, you can take a more actively educated role in reducing pain in this region.

Each of these videos contributes to enhancing your foundational understanding of how the surrounding muscles and soft tissue influence this region. When any soft tissue is 'stuck' in an unbalanced state, they can become contributors to pain in this region.

The largest portion of your endeavor will be in studying, adding to your knowledge base, and learning the techniques.

Once you have mastered the techniques, most of them take less than a minute.

Success often requires a combination of understanding and practicing the techniques THROUGHOUT your day, on yourself, and with clients when appropriate.... a minute here, a minute there and within a short amount of time....


      You have added extremely effective tools to your tactile tool box.



  • As long as you can safely place your ankle on the opposing leg, you can practice the guided procedures as you follow the videos on your computer screen.


Once you are comfortable with the techniques:

You can utilize the knowledge in your clinical practice.

You can apply the techniques quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

You can practice them on yourself whenever you are sitting safely. 

This knowledge can serve your clients, your friends, and yourself for years to come.

Often times...pain can and does go away. :-)



Feet talking?

These techniques can enhance your

ability to respond and "quiet" the conversation.


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NCBTMB  approved for 18 CEU's.

 More examples of the topics covered in class.


Posterior_plantar_lube_oil_overview       Posterior_plantar_lube_oil_technique


Tibialis_Posterior_muscle       Tibialis_Posterior_corrective_technique

(In my humble opinion, an 'un-balanced' Flexor Digitorum Longus is often a component in 'hammer toes'.)

Tibialis_Posterior_muscle       Tibialis_Posterior_corrective_technique

(In my humble opinion, the Tibialis Posterior can be a MAJOR component in foot problems)


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as a continuing education provider.
Provider # 152386-00"



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