Basic Guidelines to bring a class to your area:

Part of your tasks is to aid in finding a venue to hold the class.

The classroom environment:

The classroom should accommodate 1 massage table per 2 students with working space around each. I offer a $30 incentive to those willing to bring a table.

For a joint/clay class, the room should accommodate one banquet-type table per 4 students, with working space around each. ( you provide)

800 sq ft is a workable space (bigger is better), with adequate ventilation and as much natural light as possible.

The room should have one blank wall or large screen to project graphic images.

One banquet-type table with a nearby power supply to set up a laptop and projector approximately 10-15 feet from the screen.

We will require the space from 8:00 to 6:00 each day for set up and closure.

These are advanced techniques; as such, I require that each student receive prior basic massage/bodywork training. 

Facilities are to be handicap accessible. Special needs allowances will be met if they do not impose an "undue burden" as listed in the ADA. Students must notify the sponsor and instructor of special needs before the beginning of the class, allowing adequate time for reasonable allowances to be made. When students identify as disabled, the sponsor will discuss their needs and how best to accommodate them in the classroom. 

I do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Facilities require adequate parking, clean restrooms, and nearby restaurants.

About the $$$

Cost: I have travel expenses that need to be addressed and paid for at the time of purchase. What has worked in the past is that we offer and promote the class approximately two months ahead. There will be an early registration discount. For example, two-day class tuition is $700 with an early registration fee of $600. This price structure can inspire students to sign up early so that approximately a month out, we can evaluate potential attendance.

You will receive the class at a discount or at no cost. Does bringing one of Taum's unique bodywork classes to your area sound interesting?

Please note that these are flexible guidelines and are subject to change.

Schools interested in incorporating classes as part of their Continuing Education curriculum are encouraged to get in touch for the associate program.

Other useful information:

Promotion of the class includes online promotion

A tasteful flyer helps, though "word of mouth " works the best.


Tasks include aiding visiting students and myself in finding lodging.

For me, lodging should be near the class location with easy access to transportation to and from the airport.

To continue discussing the coordination of classes in your area, please reply with your questions, and we can continue the dialogue. or (530) 587-6816

Thank you for your time and interest,