The Lauren Berry Method® of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

This class was scheduled to be held in Reno this coming May.


  The class is on pause... this is unfortunate for a number of reasons.
  • A lymphatic flow that is healthy and balanced is a primary component in a strong immune system.
  • This class includes unique procedures and techniques to do what I call a 'chest drain.'
    The chest drain portion of this unique approach to managing the body's Lymphatic and Hydraulic systems aid in decreasing congestion in the pleural space that surrounds the lungs.
    In the 40+ years, I have been doing this, I have seen these procedures do what might be called miracles.
  • Once you understand the underlying principles, I refer to these awesome results simply as being a good mechanic, paying attention, and having a good hair day.
At this time especially, we ALL need functionally healthy immune systems.
The NIH has numerous research papers on the connection of immunity and Lymphatic flow.
These links can serve to enhance our understanding:

Lymphatic Vessel Network Structure and Physiology

Lymphedema: A Practical Approach and Clinical Update.

Lymph Nodes: The Unrecognized Barrier against Pathogens.


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  • When our immune system encounters any virus, it responds and attempts to protect us.
  • One of the primary tools our immune process utilizes is our Lymphatic system.
  • This class will aid you to encourage healthy lymphatic flow.

Intention and imagination.

This class focuses on efficient and effective manual techniques for balancing the lymphatic system.

Class includes techniques for balancing the visceral components.

A balanced 'gut' is important.


The client presents with lower back pain and a history of digestive imbalances. By applying a bit of the visceral* work as taught in this class, you can reduce a 'visceral' pressure that may be contributing to their lower back pain.

*Since portions of this approach can be done without oil, this can be applied efficiently, effectively, and quickly within almost any session.


 Headaches? Constipation? Mystery pains that do not go away?

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NCBTMB approved for 13 CEU's.

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Class size limited.

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The Berry Method® of Manual Lymphatic Drainage is an incredibly efficient and effective (seems 'magical' sometimes) procedure for maintaining lymphatic 'balance'. One of the reasons for its amazing effectiveness is Lauren's whole-body approach and the techniques for addressing the interrelated hydraulic components.

You'll soon discover, understand, and feel how this approach makes sense, and it works.

The Lauren Berry Method® Lymphatic Workshop can assist therapists to not only recognize dysfunctions in the lymphatic system but also gain the skills necessary to correct the dysfunction and immediately incorporate these protocols into their practice and utilize your techniques immediately. :-)



  • 60 to 70% of the human body is fluid.
  • Each of those cells requires healthy circulation of the bodies 'special fluids'.
  • Every cell in the human body requires moisture.
  • The Lymphatic system plays a significant role in maintaining 'Healthy' cellular integrity.
  • Lauren’s procedures address respiratory issues, the visceral components, the auto-immune system, and can provide remarkable post-surgical benefits, especially for hip and knee replacement.


"Work smarter, not harder."

 The goals of this course include:

  • Amplifying your ability to address lymphatic dysfunctions manually.
  • Increasing your understanding of the lymphatic system and its functions.
  • Enhancing your ability to distinguish via visual and palpation assessment, the presence of congestion within the lymphatic system.


  We begin the second day of class discussing the previous day's focus, three of the most common comments:
1) A feeling of ‘lightness’,
2) A great night's sleep,
3) Impressive bowel movements.

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Prerequisites: Basic Massage or other bodywork license.

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