The 'Magic' within the Lauren Berry Method® of manual Lymphatic drainage.


The lymphatic system influences health and functions throughout the body.


Hi everyone, my name is Shelly.

   I'm a licensed massage therapist in Idaho. I have known Taum for about seven years, and I've been to several of his classes. The lymphatic drainage class is one of my favorites. I use it a lot, and I have taken this class twice.

   About four years ago, I was taking a class with Taum. (I don't remember which one.)

   I had gone into class and was upset. My teacher, Sue, and Taum had noticed how upset I was, and they both asked me what was wrong. I explained I had a mammogram earlier that day, and I had to go back and have another one...two in one day. The Doctor decided I needed a biopsy the following Monday on a lump they had found.

   Taum immediately asked me to get on a table and he started doing the lymphatic work in my abdomen. He then proceeded to show me and the class how to do the self-help breast drain (which I have shown several women......I love it!!!!) (click here to watch the self-help video)

   I believe it helped me. From Friday when he showed me the breast drain, I did it on myself on Saturday and Sunday, I did it again on Monday morning before we went to talk to the Doctor. We decided not to do the biopsy but to do surgery and take the whole entire lump out... they did another mammogram and found that it had gotten smaller from Friday's mammogram. 5 days later we did the surgery and in that 5 days' time, it had still gone down more than what the first mammogram in my own experience I truly believe in the lymphatic drainage.

   As I said, it's one I truly use a lot, it has helped me, and I've seen it work on others. Taum's work is amazing.


JACOB: (... after Christopher took Taum's MLD class 1 time :-)

    His parents, Joanna and Adam, brought two-year-old Jacob to me. Recent success with Jacob’s grandfather, Bugs, led the grandparents to recommend massage therapy for Jacob’s respiratory problems.
    The late Roger Bliss had introduced me to the Lauren Berry Method® of Message Therapy. After Roger’s death, Taum Sayers traveled from Truckee, California to North Carolina periodically to offer this unique therapy and teach classes. I had recently completed the lymphatic class under Taum, and Mary, Jacob’s grandmother, hoped that something could be done to help her grandson.
    Jacob, diagnosed with suspected Cystic Fibrosis, had been hospitalized seven times for pneumonia in his brief two years. His blood oxygen levels were so low that, when he slept, his lips would turn blue, making his mother constantly fearful. He had very little appetite. The local hospital had sent Jacob home and advised Joanna that there was little more that could be done to alleviate Jacob’s condition.
    Making no promises, I agreed to work on Jacob. I did a lymphatic chest drain and massaged his back to widen the spaces between his ribs – intending to increase his lung capacity. During the procedure, his lips turned pink, and his breathing became noticeably easier. He went home, ate three hot dogs, and, according to his grandmother, still has good color. She reported that he hasn't had a sniffle in the two months since our session.

   At the time, I was dismayed that Jacob cried loudly during the treatment. In retrospect, his crying probably helped open his lungs and assisted in the healing process.
Only one session was needed to increase Jacob’s oxygen intake and alleviate the constant fear of his parents.

Christopher Ingalls

(Folks, this is an excellent example of why I share this)

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From Melanie, a student that took this class with Lynn Van Norman,
a certified Berry Method® Practioner, and Teacher.

Melanie is a physical therapist practicing in Eugene, OR.
After taking Lynn’s Lymphatic class, Melanie reports:
As a home health professional, I frequently encounter complex lung and lymphedema situations involving dyspnea (difficulty breathing). After learning Lauren’s vacuum technique in Lynn's informative Lymphedema management class, I applied it to a woman with heart failure and an acute episode of shortness of breath. Within three pumps she was "90%" improved and stunned at its simplicity and effectiveness. She asked me to teach her family to perform it as it gave her such relief, which I happily did. I am so glad to have learned this simple non-invasive method that brings so much relief. I also use the 'Decongestion massage' regularly and highly recommend this great class.

Thanks Lynn!



A written note from a client...

   This year, in your concern that another gifted woman had perished from breast cancer, you explained a self-help technique that you called a "breast drain" that any woman could do to encourage drainage and removal of toxins from the breast tissue and glands.

   For several decades in the offices of several personal physicians (I have moved several times), I had heard expressions of concern during manual breast exams because of suspicious lumpiness within the tissue of my breasts. I would be repeatedly called back after a mammogram to have additional testing done.

   A biopsy was never required but there was always the nagging sense that something needed to be carefully watched. There was also always a painfulness that I accepted as "normal". The doctors determined that I had a cystic condition in both breasts.

   During my most recent exam, however, after only a few months of applying the technique you explained, my doctor seemed quite pleasantly surprised that the tissue seemed much smoother. In fact, she did not mention any cystic content and even declared that the tissue condition was like that of a much younger woman.

   Now that is something that every older woman appreciates hearing! Best of all, the painfulness I had tried to ignore for so many years has virtually disappeared. I have passed your information along to both my daughters.

   So, you see, your good influence continues beyond the immediate sphere in which you do your therapeutic work.

 Carol Ann





   A client presents with swelling and inflammation surrounding recent left knee replacement. With knowledge of the body's lymphatic system (hydraulic engineering comes to mind), my hunch is the trauma of the surgery has compromised circulation around his new knee. I apply the techniques and protocols near his abdomen and pelvic gateways, and in less than 10 minutes, the inflammation and swelling are noticeably decreased. Once again, this work comes in handy.

Thank you, Lauren.

   One of Lauren Berry's many contributions to manual therapy was in acknowledging the importance of the body's hydraulic components and the relationship to musculoskeletal influences. Through recognizing, respecting, and responding to this well-designed organization, therapists can often aid in restoring health and reducing tensions rather quickly.



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