Taum Sayers, CMT

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Background, History & Qualifications

  • 40+ years studying, practicing, and teaching corrective massage therapy.
  • Invited to work with the U.S. Ski Team and San Francisco 49ers.
  • Thorough understanding of muscular/skeletal systems.
  • Published in American Fitness and Massage Magazine.
  • Reliable, responsible and professional.



Presently working in Truckee and Reno regularly while traveling to teach and work on the east coast.

1994, 95, 96: Worked at the San Francisco 49ers Training Camp.

1990 to 2002: Worked at Resort at Squaw Creek, Squaw Valley, CA as training coordinator and therapist.

1987 to 2003: Worked at High Sierra Fitness Center, Truckee, CA.

1985 to 1986: Worked at Bodytime, Incline Village, NV.

1980 to 1982: Asst. Manager and Masseur at A Sante` in Tahoe City, Ca.

1978 to 1985: Maintained a successful massage practice in Squaw Valley, CA.


2003: Published in American Fitness Magazine

2002: Published 2 articles in Massage Magazine

1999: Attained NCBTMB approval for classes

1995: Authored Back to Balance©

1993: Attained NCBTMB certification for massage.

1989 to Present: President and CEO of the Institute of Integral Health, Inc.

1988: Appointed to Board of Directors, Institute of Integral Health, Inc.

1987: Received California State Massage Certification

1987: Accepted into American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

1985: Received certification as Senior Practitioner/Instructor within the Institute of Integral Health, Inc.

The Institute is a non-profit corporation dedicated to health education, teaching, and certifying practitioners in The Berry Method®.

1982: Attained licensing for massage in Washoe County, NV.

1981: Began assistant teaching at Lauren's advanced massage classes.

1979: Began membership in Manipulation Society, Inc.

1979: Began apprenticeship with Lauren E. Berry RPT

1978: Jean Lincoln agrees to sponsor me.

I 'discovered' Lauren's work in 1977.

After my very 1st session, my body immediately and instinctively knew that 'things' had changed...
in a good way:-)

I had been having weird sensations/numbness from my waist down and decided that trying 'alternatives' to 'normal' was my best avenue. I had convinced myself that if things got worse, knives and medications would be available later.
I had tried chiropractic and PT with no noticeable change or lasting improvement.

My friend and neighbor Chuck Latimer, a local ski coach and restauranteur, told me about a massage therapist, Doug Reader, that came to his house and gave a different type of massage for an hour...and it cost $12.

Doug described some of the technique as being based around Swedish Medical Gymnastics, of which I had never heard. I tried a session, and when I got off the table, I knew things had changed for the better.  I asked Doug how he had affected this dramatic change....he just smiled and told me if I was really interested, I'd be best served by taking his upcoming massage class.

I took all the classes he presented and assisted him in his house call sessions carrying his table, supplies, and assisting when needed. Doug later offered to sponsor me as a student with Lauren Berry RPT, his source, mentor, and teacher. In order to study with Lauren, a new student needed a sponsor to take responsibility and guide one through the technique safely.

Not long after we agreed to this, Doug decided to move to Europe.
I was devastated.
Doug called Jean Lincoln in South Lake Tahoe who had been practicing and working with Lauren since the 60's. She was wary of taking on the responsibility and wanted to meet me first.

Lucky for me, she decided I wasn't toooo much of a knucklehead and agreed.

I would travel to see Jean, Michelle, and Guy wherein we would practice, review, and if her clients would allow, I would observe her work and later she opened up to my questions.

In later years as my skills grew, we would occasionally trade sessions.

One of my favorite things were her stories about working in Lauren's Sacramento office in the 1960's. THANK YOU JEAN!!!

Jean passed away in 2008. Jean left a hard to fill space in so many hearts.

We miss you!

1975: Began studies in Del Mar, CA with the Honorable Dr. George Dillinger, MD.

This included basic visceral massage, anatomy, physiology, body energy management, herbal approaches to health... and so much more.

For your continued guidance, inspiration, knowledge 'outside the box' and ability to sincerely listen.... Mere words are inadequate to express what you continue to bring to our relationship and many peoples lives all over the world.…suffice it to simply say…

George passed away several years ago....there are people all over the world who miss you! BIGTIME!