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'De-stressing' your Tibialis Posterior muscle

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tibialis_posterior-pain-reduction-class  By participating in this class, you acknowledge and understand the following:

1. Pain may indicate issues that are beyond the scope of massage therapy and require immediate medical attention.

2. The information presented in this class may not work for everyone. There may be other muscular components contributing to your pain. For more information on scheduling a more personalized appointment, click here.

3. Taum Sayers does not dispense medical advice. Taum does offer a variety of information and tools to help people in their quest for physical well-being.

4. This method is dramatically MORE effective and efficient with a softer pressure. The technique instructions always suggest that soft tissue contact is initiated and performed with your lightest pressure. This class includes powerfully effective manual techniques, and you are responsible for the appropriate usage, pressure, and application of these techniques. 

5. That your $39.95 tuition grants you 90 days of access to this online class.

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