Taum's Hip and Back class:

Pain relief may be easier than you thought.

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Slightly Biased Testimonial: Hip and 'nervie feet' pain.

It has been a long time since I've been able to sleep on my right side without pain keeping me awake. I had surgery on my lower back four months ago (November 2022). The side sleeping pain has worsened.

I just spent this last week with my brother Taum near Yuma, AZ. He has been giving me tips for managing that pain. He calls them remedial movements.

They were as simple as 10 seconds of pushing my thumb or knuckles into specific places near my lower back several times a day while walking, sitting, or even lying in bed.

I really didn't think that this would help, but I put up with him, listened, and did what he guided me to do.

These remedial movements are helping!!!

I have slept on my right side these last 3 nights without pain.

At times, I have also had numbness in my feet with shooting nerve pain. The nervie/shooting pain has calmed down a lot since I started doing these remedial movements... only 4 days ago.


Thank you, brother.
Cyndi in Newport, WA



You know this is important.
Your hips and back are talking...
Your hip pain won't let you sleep...
Your lower back feels heavy...
You know you should reply...


Much as our cell phones and computers incorporate a core operating system to manage all our apps, our bodies' core operating system continually synchronizes an amazing variety of behind-the-scenes 'apps' to maintain our health and ease.

These 'apps' include camera eyes, radio ears, valves, tubes, pulleys, hinges, arches, temperature control, chemical laboratories, a telegraphic nervous system, a structural frame, storage space, a variety of pumps, pipelines, synchronized recycling, sewage disposal, and a constant self-repair system.

All are synchronized and orchestrated within our body's core operating system. Each of these 'apps' supports our ability to live in balance with our environment.

The medical term is 'Homeostasis.'

Each has an alert programmed to focus attention and offer an opportunity to respond.
Digestion and body temperature serve as good examples. 

Digestion Alerts: 

Reconsider diet.

Add probiotics or digestive bitters to our nutritional rituals.

Body Temperature Alerts:  

Shivering? Add a layer of clothing. 

Sweating? Take off a layer.

Our responses to these alerts are part of our life-learning experiences.


Pain Alerts in our Hips and Lower Back: 

It's time to learn a response.

It's relatively simple.

Muscles can become 'stuck.'

Stuck muscles create tension and pain.

This class is about un-sticking the ones that cause hip and back pain.

The primary intention of this class is to teach you incredibly efficient and effective self-help remedial techniques for responding to hip and back pain.

Combining knowledge, understanding, and 'movement with intention' can unlock and revitalize our self-healing ability.

This class is for everyone interested in understanding and taking an active role in their relationship with back and hip pain.

This class can serve you for the rest of your life.

Next class in Truckee:

Self-help for reducing Hip and Lower Back pain.

Saturday June 10th, 1-2:30'ish

Location: Lift at the Truckee airport.

10266 Truckee Airport Road, Suite C, Truckee, CA 96161


Fellow Bodyworker, this class has been approved by the NCBTMB under the 'Self Care' category for 1 CE as:

'Self-care for decompressing Lower Back and Hips.'

You can expect to gather unique insights and efficient techniques to apply in your practice.

This class is for those seeking knowledge and practical techniques to reduce tension and pain in the lower back and especially the hips.

The how, when, and why of corrective massage and remedial movements to ease hip and lower back stress is the primary focus of this 90-minute workshop guided by Taum Sayers.

From teaching at the Edgar Cayce school in Virginia Beach to being invited to work on the US Ski Team and 49ers, Truckee Bodyworker and instructor Taum brings 40+ years of experience to share in this class.

When you register for this class, you indicate that you have read, understood, and agree to all of the above information, including the medical disclaimer information.

Your class homework and handout will be available after signing up.  
Class size is limited to 12.  

Before June 1st.




After June 1st.




I enthusiastically suggest repeating the class to amplify benefits, refine efficiency, and increase effectiveness.
You are worth the investment.

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