Pain is an indication that a body part is under stress.

Often the location of your pain is the innocent bystander.

When a muscle is stressed, and you continue moving in a manner that compels the stressed muscle to participate, a synergistic muscle compensates.

That compensating muscle often takes on a workload for which it was not designed... thus it also becomes stressed.

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This manual therapy approach is rooted in a centuries-old therapy tradition that accepts the following:

  • The human body has an innate ability to 'repair and maintain' itself.
  • When presented with dysfunction, it is presumed this natural ability has been compromised via trauma, adaptation, repetitive stress, etc.
  • This innate ability is greatly influenced by the state of balance within the body's core region.
  • By returning towards core balance and reducing the restrictions that brought it out of balance, the body can get back to fixing and maintaining itself.

Sometimes a small improvement in balance can reap big rewards.


About my work.

After your session.

  • Corrective work throughout the body has an enhanced opportunity to last when one's core is balanced.
  • One of the basic premises within the Lauren Berry Method® of Corrective Massage is to encourage the body’s core balance... AKA Muscular Homeostasis.


Listen and record.

Should you share the ability to forget things, simply writing them down will help us.

You can often aid the process by writing down your concerns.
Include how those concerns 'talk' to you.
Sharp yelling, whispering, dull achy, time of day, after eating, while sitting, going upstairs, going downstairs, what parts are 'talking'....anything and everything is a clue.

Lauren often described those who do this style of bodywork as part mechanic and part detective.
Listening to the clues our body sends us often aids us in preventing a whisper from becoming a scream.

What to wear.

Comfortable, stretchable clothing....similar to what you would wear for a Yoga class.

Running shorts and lightweight shirts work well.

Grant yourself time before and after your session. I highly recommend allowing yourself at least 10 minutes for walking after your session, the walking serves to solidify and continue the re-balancing process.

This is important, so set the time aside.

The sessions last approximately 30-45 minutes, though they can go longer, especially your first session.

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