Reducing pain for 40+ years.

Our body has over 600 muscles and orchestrates over 200 to accomplish one step.

"Anyone wishing to study medicine must master the art of massage." Hippocrates

 'Tis useful to understand how to manage your muscles.

Welcome to Muscle Management.

   The human body integrates, coordinates, and synchronizes camera eyes, radio ears, an enclosed hydraulic system that incorporates chemical laboratories, pipelines, a sewage disposal system with storage space, valves, tubes, temperature control, a continuous repair system, and a telegraphic nervous system. 


   Within each of those components is a muscular influence that deserves respect, recognition, and good management.


-Dis-ease is an accumulation of stress.

-Stress is often found when our lifelong relationship with movement and 'Gravity' becomes unbalanced.

-This primal relationship is significantly influenced by muscular balance.

-Encouraging balance throughout our body creates many benefits.


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