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The Fundamentals of Corrective Massage

 A Holistic approach.

It serves to remember that we, as therapists, do not heal anything.
We recognize, respect, and support the body's amazing ability to heal itself.


  Corrective Massage recognizes the importance of balanced relationships and interactions throughout the body's soft tissues*. These relationships include natural anatomical positions and functionally balanced movement.

  Functional balance implies that our soft tissues are working harmoniously to support pain-free, healthy movement and function. 

  In Taum's world of Corrective Massage, considering all bodily movement as an orchestration of soft tissue relationships is a fundamental principle and starting point.
These foundational principles include familiarity with
Equilibrium and Homeostasis. AKA Balance.

For example: Walking initially appears to be a simple activity. It actually involves a complex orchestration of numerous soft tissues.

A symphony of movement:

Our body requires over 200 of our 600 muscles to take one step. Of those 200, many serve as compensating adapters working in the background to keep us upright as we walk. While all our weight is on the right foot, those background muscles are adapting and counterbalancing so we do not fall over.

Each and every soft tissue plays a vital role in the body's ability to move and adapt to unbalanced tensions. 

Our bodies can adapt to those tensions. 

But only so far... 

Limping is an example of crossing the adaptation line.

  Pain serves as an alert that unbalanced tension has exceeded the body's ability to adapt, and corrective therapy is required.

  The foundational focus of this unique therapy is to interpret the alert and then identify and correct the soft tissue tensions and imbalances that have created those alerts.

  Corrective massage has repeatedly proven to be an efficient and effective method to reduce and relieve pain. 

I hope this information serves you and those you serve.

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*Muscles, tendons, ligaments, membranes, and viscera.

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Taum Sayers, CMT

  • 40+ years studying, practicing, and teaching corrective massage therapy.
  • Invited to work with the U.S. Ski Team and San Francisco 49ers.
  • Thorough understanding of muscular/skeletal systems.
  • Published in American Fitness and Massage Magazine.
  • Reliable, responsible, and professional.


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