Covid -19

Choices beyond pharmaceuticals.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, clients have regularly received visceral work to support their immune systems. The responses have been encouraging.

Jeff is an automotive mechanic in Reno that I have worked on for over 10 years.

"I work with people individually and within large gatherings, including conventions. Several times over the last few years, others around me have gotten sick while I have not. I credit Taum's work for that.
I now request Taum include what he calls the 'Immune Filter drain' when I have an appointment with him."

The 'Filter Drain' technique is offered within all my Lymphatic series classes.

The next class is on April 28th in Truckee.

The Lauren Berry Method® of Visceral Massage

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Offering a bit of homegrown clarity to the Covid discussion

Education regarding the human body has room for improvement.

Immunity and balance.

What is 'Core Balance?'

The path from trauma to tension to chronic problems.

The primary function of our lymphatic system...

Consider our body's amazing hydraulic system... The average human body contains over 30 trillion cells...and each and every one of those cells requires fluids to deliver nutrients and carry away waste. the body's fluid system.

Simplify, clarify, and focus.

This is an incredibly healthy 30-second habit.