Taum Sayers

Background, History and Qualifications



Presently working and teaching in Truckee, Reno, and the east coast.

2003: Invited to teach at The Edgar Cayce School in Virginia Beach, VA.

1994, 95, 96: Worked at the San Francisco 49ers Training Camp.

1990 to 2002: Worked at Resort at Squaw Creek, Squaw Valley, CA as the primary training coordinator and therapist.

1987 to 2003: Worked at High Sierra Fitness Center, Truckee, CA.

1985 to 1986: Worked at Bodytime, Incline Village, NV.

1980 to 1982: Asst. Manager and Therapist at A Sante` in Tahoe City, Ca.

1978 to 1985: Maintained a successful massage practice in Squaw Valley, CA.

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  My intention is to share understandable information regarding how our muscular system influences our overall health. And how that information can be utilized to improve health through individual sessions, live classes, and this website.

   Our body requires over 200 of our 600 muscles to take one step. Of those 200, many serve as stabilizers and compensating adapters working in the background to keep us upright as we walk. While all our weight is on the right foot, those background muscles adapt and counterbalance so we do not fall to the left.

   Every muscle plays a vital role in the body's ability to move, maintain upright balance, and compensate for unbalanced tensions. 

   Our bodies can adapt to those tensions, but only so far. 
Limping is an example of when our body has crossed the adaptation line, indicating that the strain on our muscles has become too much to bear.

My vision is to share the following:

  • A unique understanding and perspective on our muscular system and its role in our daily lives.
  • A path towards taking an active and knowledgable approach to maintaining this vital and primary system in its most balanced, healthy, and functional pain-free state.