You are most likely 'movement deficient.'

Where do I begin to 'manage' my muscular health?

You can begin right here and now by learning more about your body. This is the only body you get and you might as well learn as much as you can about taking better care of it and aiding it in a long, healthy, and active life. (I like His Holiness the Dalai Lama's observation about knowing the rules in life, so when you bend the rules, at least you know it.) Let's begin with your muscles, you have over 600.

  • Muscles have characteristics similar to sponges.
  • They both absorb liquids and yield liquids when compressed.
  • They both work better when they are soft, pliable, and flexible.
  • They both stiffen up when inactive.
  • They both will last longer when those abilities are nourished and maintained.
  • They both have the ability to compress, expand, contract, relax, and move fluids.

It is useful to understand that you have 600+ muscles that serve together as a team to keep you upright and moving. When any one of your muscles is out of balance, stressed or in a state of unhealthy tension, every team member takes on additional tasks to compensate.

Consider that our body orchestrates and coordinates over 200 muscles to take one smooth step...
When I observe someone limping, I 'see' various components unable to blend and coordinate within that essential motion.
I wonder, "What muscles are out of balance and unable to participate smoothly? Which ones are compensating?"