Knowledge, understanding, and movement = The ultimate pain relievers.

To simplify and share information influencing our muscular system via individual sessions, live classes, and here on my website.
Consider...Our bodies have over 600 muscles.

Everyone of those 600 muscles influence our overall health.


My intention is to share the following:

  • A unique understanding and perspective on our musculoskeletal system and its role in our daily lives.
  • Steps towards taking an active and knowledgable approach to maintaining this vital and primary system in its most balanced, healthy, and functional pain-free state.


Reducing hip pain - Namaste in Truckee

Namaste in Truckee.
November 17th, 2022
5 to 6:30

This class is for those seeking knowledge and effective 'do-it-yourself' techniques to reduce pain in the lower back and especially the hips.

The how, when, and why to reduce hip and lower back stress is the primary focus of this 90-minute class.

When understood and applied, these unique remedial movements can play a primary role in returning hips and lower back to healthy, pain-free function.

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