Covid -19

Since the beginning of covid, clients regularly receive lymphatic and visceral work to support their immune systems. The responses have been encouraging. I suggest asking your therapist about this procedure. I teach this technique within both of my Lymphatic Management classes.

Full Body Lymphatic class.

Upper Body Lymphatic class.


Plans include presenting this information in a DIY self-help public class.

Class schedules are available in the class section.


The information surrounding the Covid-19 virus continues to evolve and confuse.
This unique 'chaotic situation' encourages a look inward at our immune system.
Though not a Dr, I do have some thoughts to share.
My intention is to contribute a bit of positive clarity to the conversation.
I received the J&J vaccine several months ago.
I continue to use this remedial movement daily for its many benefits, including supporting my immune system.

Offering a bit of homegrown clarity to the Covid discussion

Education regarding the human body has room for improvement.

Immunity and balance.

What is 'Core Balance?'

The path from trauma to tension to chronic problems.

The primary function of our lymphatic system...

Consider our body's amazing hydraulic system... The average human body contains over 30 trillion cells...and each and every one of those cells requires fluids to deliver nutrients and carry away waste.

Simplify, clarify, and focus.

This is an incredibly healthy 30-second habit.