This online class includes:

  • A basic overview of three Ankle Ligaments, often an important 'behind the scenes' component influencing ankle stability.
  • A bit of anatomy and physiology to support clarity and understanding.
  • Visual guides to assist you in 'seeing' with your fingers.
  • A synopsis of this soft tissue's common imbalances.
  • Guided self-help massage techniques to reduce those imbalances and reduce that pain.


Class syllabus.

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  • Your tuition allows you 3 months of access to this online class.
  • The class is in the process of NCBTMB CE certification.
  • A 70% or higher score is required on the Ligaments class exam to obtain your 3 NCBTMB-approved credits and certificate of completion.


Duration: 3 Months
Price: $20.00