This online class includes the following:

  • A basic overview of the Peroneus Brevis muscle, often a primary component within this pain pattern.
  • A bit of anatomy and physiology to support clarity and understanding.
  • Visual guides to assist you in 'seeing' with your fingers.
  • A synopsis of this soft tissue's common imbalances.
  • Guided self-help massage techniques to reduce those imbalances and reduce that pain.


Medical disclaimer information:

If this ankle-upon-knee position is painful for you, this class may not be appropriate for you.


The class is designed for online study where-in portions of the class involve you positioning your ankle upon your knee in order to practice the techniques. You practice on yourself and then once you feel comfortable with the techniques, you can add them to your tactile toolbox and take them to work.

You know best your own body and its limits. Respect those limits.

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You acknowledge that you take full responsibility for your health.

Once again, you know best your own body and its limits.

Respect those limits.

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