A brief overview of my work as a Certified Practitioner of
The Lauren Berry Method® of Corrective Massage.

   The foundation for my practice is an eclectic system of massage techniques created and taught to me (as an apprentice) by the late Lauren Berry, RPT, and Structural Engineer.
   Lauren's unique approach recognizes that every individual component in the body is essential and has an optimum natural position and relationship to all of the 'parts' of the body. These relationships can be disrupted and knocked 'out-of-balance' via trauma, adaptation, compensation, etc.

  These unique hands-on manual therapy procedures address the role of soft tissue distortions and protective adaptations play in pain and functional problems.

One of the basic premises within Lauren's amazingly effective approach to massage is found in its respect and goal to re-establish, respect, and maintain the body’s core 'Homeostatic balance.' When the body is balanced, the corrective work throughout the body has an enhanced opportunity to be effective and long-lasting. The background 'tensions' created by the body working against gravity interfere's with many processes.


 These techniques include Swedish gymnastics, soft tissue manipulation, passive and active range of motion & resistive stretches, and precise deep tissue work when appropriate.There is also the hydraulic component that includes visceral and Lauren's unique approach to working with the lymphatic system.

 Please understand the results and responses vary from person to person.

Often with a 'fresh' problem, the pain is often reduced immediately.

With long standing issues, several sessions are needed.

Also, your overall health plays a very important role.

  • Do you regularly use your muscles?
  • Do you regularly break a sweat and get your heart rate up?

Experience has shown that if you answered yes to both of these,
our success rate is accelerated.

The focus of my work is to reduce imbalances/tension/pain
within muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

These imbalances often interfere with the body's
amazing ability to repair and maintain itself.

Examples of Imbalances and YOU 'managing your pain'.

It hurts when you lift your arm above a certain height,
so you compensate around that movement,
and unconsciously your entire body adapts...

It's painful to stand up straight, so you've been tilting a bit,
it's uncomfortable but less painful that way,
limiting movement helps you manage your pain....

Your body has adapted.

These kinds of adaptations disrupt your bodies core balancing act,
a performance' that has many players.
This in turn can affect your body's natural ability to recover from aches and pains, as all those players are exerting themselves excessively performing their adaptation to an awkward process when they could be comfortably doing their thing....that includes repair and maintenance.

Maybe you've taken that innate recovery ability for granted and lately it is not working as well as you'd like.

There may be techniques you do not recognize.

Shoulder problems for example:

Often there is regional tissue that has distorted out of place, it may be as simple as nudging and relocating the tissue back where it was designed to function.

I remember Lauren saying how he would get everything back in place so that Sandy Koufax had a working throwing arm...until he threw another of his extreme curve balls.

This approach to bodywork is very unique!

Techniques you might recognize would include:

  • Specific cross fiber massage work (done without oil)
  • Passive, active, and assisted stretches. (similar to Swedish Gymnastics)
  • Longitudinal massage...along the fiber direction, with oil.

When you see me for your first session, my initial objective is to reduce those adaptations in order to re-establish and support your body's return to its own natural core balance. This balanced state is where it most effectively maintains and repairs itself. With that accomplished, the corrective work can be more effectively done on your other concerns...mid back, hip, tmj, shoulders, knees, wrists, ankles, etc.

With all this in mind, please understand that although your situation might be one that usually responds positively to these techniques, it may take several sessions to re-establish balance and see improvement.

With that in mind, I initially want to see a client for at least three sessions, a week apart. This allows the work a reasonable opportunity for success. By the third session we should know if this is a recipe that is working for your body and its physical history.  It is important for you to take an active role in your ongoing self-help and maintenance program.

This can mean any number of things, including specific customized stretches, self-monitoring your posture, and investigating ways to balance your physical environment.

There is no way to predict the degree of response in any one individuals situation and yours may require a physician's diagnosis and medical treatment.

It is also possible that even though your problem might be one that often responds to addressing soft tissue imbalances, you may not respond to my method. If that occurs, we will discuss your situation and I'll suggest other therapies for you to consider.

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These services are considered complementary alternative health care, and under California Senate Bill SB-577, do not require a license to practice.

“The bodywork and massage services offered by Taum Sayers are not licensed by the State of California.”






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