We offer 2 subscription choices to our online home study class:

"Muscle Management® for the Lower Leg, Ankle, Foot, and Toes."

All subscriptions include:

90 days of access to the class.

Opportunity to earn 18 approved CEU's accredited by the

'National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.'



$180 tuition includes clay.

180 tuiion

If you choose this option, we will ship you 5lbs of non-hardening modeling clay to the address entered when you fill out the registration information, limited to within  the USA...We do not ship to addresses outside the USA, we suggest the $150 tuition.

Your shipment of clay will include a 5lb mix of non-hardening modeling clay, 2 lbs of the white/ivory for the frame and 3 lbs of mixed colors for the soft tissue.


$150 tuition does not include clay.

150 tuition

You are responsible for acquiring the clay to create your model.

Local craft stores can be a resource.

I have purchased clay similar to this at 'Michaels' craft store.


In the past for other classes, I have used misterart.com as a reliable resource. You probably will not use all 5 lbs. For our purposes, it is simply a good idea to have adequate clay in hand.



150 tuition 180 tuiion
Please consider signing up as your commitment (i.e. no refunds).

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