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$150 tuition.


By paying the $150 tuition and subscribing to this class you indicate that you have read, understood, and agree to the following:

1. Your tuition includes 90 days online access to class.

2. You realize clients may present issues that are beyond the scope of massage therapy and require medical attention.

3. That the technique instructions always suggest that all manual soft tissue contact is initiated with your lightest pressure. This class includes powerfully effective manual techniques and you are responsible for the appropriate usage and application of these techniques. This is one of the advantages in practicing them first on yourself.

4. In order to earn and receive your certificate and CEU's, requirements are as follows:

Form a clay model of the lower leg, ankle, foot, and toes, and then submit anterior, posterior, medial, and lateral pictures of your finished model. The class includes step by step guidance, from the bones out to the muscles.

 Take and complete the class exam with a 70% correct or higher score.

Complete a short class evaluation form.


5. By choosing the $150 subscription to this class, you have chosen to obtain your own clay.

5lbs has proven to be adequate. We suggest a mix of non-hardening modeling clay, 2 lbs. of the white/ivory for the frame and 3 lbs of mixed colors for the soft tissue.

I have used as a reliable online resource.


Local craft stores can be a resource.

I have purchased clay similar to this at 'Michaels' craft store.

I often use 'Plastalina Modeling Clay by Van Aken'.

You probably will not use all 5 lbs.

For our purposes, it is simply a good idea to have adequate clay in hand.


We suggest obtaining additional equipment which might include:




6. Your first and last name registration entry (after PayPal) will be used for your certificate.

7. Your personal information will not be used other than for registration purposes, for shipping your modelling clay, and updating information pertinent to classes.

8. You the subscriber are responsible for safeguarding your user ID and password. 

9. Subscriptions are created to be used by one individual per account. Please do not share or otherwise allow others to use your password.

I thank you in advance for your integrity.

Please complete this short form to initiate your subscription process. 

You will be redirected to our secure PayPal Gateway.
After completing payment, you will be returned to the class registration page.

Upon completion of registration, the 'login' to class page opens up for you to enter class using your username and password.

We strongly suggest you bookmark the login page to return in the future and access the class content.

Check your email for information from PayPal and our website Admininstration.


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Paying your tuition and subscribing is your commitment (i.e. no refunds).






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