The Nature of Muscle.

Simply put, muscles do two things:


1) Contract (flex), become short and firm...
2) Relax, become long and ease.

relaxed and contracted


Muscles work in balanced, opposing groups.

For example:

When muscles contract, there is an automatic (unconscious) parallel message from your brain to the opposing muscles to relax, lengthen, and move a joint.

The relationship between the Biceps and Triceps serves as a good example.

Should the Triceps become 'stuck' in tension, whenever the Biceps contracts, the resistance created by the Triceps tension often results in pain.



Muscle Management® recognizes this inherent balancing act.

Muscle's often respond to physical insults and trauma by contracting into a protective spasm....and staying there.

The body then adapts and compensates around that restriction, resulting in pain.

An overly tense muscle can be encouraged to return to a healthy relaxed state with a combination of remedial movement and targeted massage techniques.


This approach can reduce tension when applied to the lower back and hip region.