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  • 40+years of striving to understand and aid the human body in sustaining a state of healthy balance.
  • 40+years of encouraging each client's personal state of healthy balance.
  • Sometimes our route wanders outside recognized conventional paths.
  • Often those unconventional paths prove themselves very successful.

My avenues for sharing include occasional entries here as well as my online/live classes, and my self-help section.

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'Getting old is not for sissies.'


According to Lauren, the nerves and muscle tissue that maintain balance in the 7th cervical region has an influence on our skin. I have seen psoriasis in the hand region decrease quickly after rebalancing the upper back and neck.

Can you see a difference?

Jan 10th

left_palm_friday_jan, 10th at 3:16_pm

Jan 11th

/left_palm_saturday_jan, 11th at 9:48 am

One week later on Jan 17th




My offerings include fundamental objectives:

  • Participants will add efficient and effective manual techniques and protocols to their tactile toolbox.
  • Those tools will be understandable, pertinent, and available.


Intention and imagination (Taum's UN-edited article published in the July 2002 issue of Massage Magazine.)


  The following videos are related to my Manual Lymphatic Drainage class.
Considering there is soooo much more to this class than Manual Lymphatic Drainage... I am warming to the idea of renaming the class 'Lymphatic Management.'

 Why is visceral balance important?


Why is working in the abdomen important?

Lisa took Taum's Lymphatic class once...


This is a testament to the efficiency and power of Lauren's work.




  Check back for updates  


  Check back for updates


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