The information surrounding the Covid-19 virus continues to evolve and confuse.

This unique 'chaotic situation' encourages a look inward.


This is what I think I know so far:

  • COVID-19 = virus.
  • There will always be viruses.
  • COVID-19 will be with us for a while longer.
  • Our built-in defense against any virus is our immune system.
  • Dis-ease occurs when our immune system is overwhelmed.
  • My inclination is to provide immunity support.
  • I suggest this simple remedial movement.
  • 'Pro-active' is my preferred choice.











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visceraThe intention is to guide you through a self-help approach to stimulating movement within the abdominal region.


Questions??? These are reliable research resources.

Google Scholar

National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM)

I had several Lymphatic classes scheduled. Those classes are on pause.

This is a bummer for several reasons, one of which is lymph plays an essential role in the function of the immune system. When your lymphatic system can do its job without soft tissue restrictions, the immune system can more easily do its job.

This is an appropriate topic for our present situation.

For those that have received this work, I'd like to believe that your immune system is more robust. For those who want more information, my videos can enhance your knowledge and understanding.


My sister brought this to my attention and it felt important.
Should I be repeating information you already have, then it simply confirms what you know.

Thoughts on Lymphatic Management.
  While western medicine 'discovered' the lymphatic system nearly 400 years ago, eastern medicine appears to have been recognizing, respecting, and working with the lymphatic system for a much longer period of time. The development and function of this system and how the lymphatic system participates within disease pathogenesis is still in the process of being well understood when considered via the western approach... Lauren's approach and protocols help fill in some of those gaps.  



The benefits of stimulating intestinal health via manual therapy have been proven countless times. Taum's Lymphatic class recognizes and respects the intestinal/visceral components within the lymphatic system. With that consideration in mind, we begin class focusing on refining your 'tactile tools' for encouraging healthy balance and homeostasis within the abdominal and digestive region. These visceral tools are amazingly effective and efficient. Taums lymphatic class will enhance your understanding and appreciation for how handy they can be for helping your clients on a daily basis.

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My classes all include fundamental objectives:

  • Participants will add efficient and effective manual techniques and protocols to their tactile toolbox.
  • Those tools will be understandable, pertinent, and available.


Intention and imagination (Taum's UN-edited article published in the July 2002 issue of Massage Magazine.)


The following videos are related to my Lymphatic class.
Considering there is soooo much more to this class than Manual Lymphatic Drainage... I am warming to the idea of renaming the class 'Lymphatic Management.'


Why is visceral balance important?


Why is working in the abdomen important?

Lisa took Taum's Lymphatic class once...

This is a testament to the efficiency and power of Lauren's work.



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My intention is to share what I find to be thought-provoking, exciting, inspiring, and hopefully... entertaining.

My avenues for sharing include occasional entries here as well as my online/live classes, and my self-help section.


  • 40+years of striving to understand and aid the human body in sustaining a state of healthy balance.
  • 40+years of encouraging each client's personal state of pain-free healthy balance.
  • Sometimes our route wanders outside recognized conventional paths.
  • Often those unconventional paths prove themselves very successful.
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Welcome to my world.





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